We've got a couple of fine days coming up with mostly dry skies, some warm sunshine and an occasional shower.

High pressure is close to the West Country, keeping weather systems just out of reach and bringing us some largely settled weather.

It'll be a fine evening for most of us and stay mostly dry overnight but a few showers may graze the north coast of Devon and Cornwall, and later the Bristol Channel. Temperatures will drop to 11 degrees in towns and cities but lower in the countryside.

Wednesday looks very similar to today but the odd shower may make it a little further inland. Temperatures look a touch higher than today, with highs of 21 Celsius across northeast Somerset and the high teens for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Beyond that a few more showers are likely this week, with sunshine too thanks to that high pressure. Temperatures could reach the mid twenties on Saturday, giving a promising start to the Bank Holiday weekend.