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Meet the Plymouth man who is embracing death by painting his own coffin

Jeffery Beale says he has found a way to embrace death. Photo: ITV News

A Plymouth man has made the ultimate preparation for his own death - by painting his coffin.

Jeffery Beale, 60, has terminal cancer, but decided to use his skills as an artist to make sure his whole life story is portrayed in paint at his funeral.

Jeff Beale has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Credit: ITV News

Jeffery said it had helped him to appreciate "the small things".

It doesn't bother me. It enthused me really. It made me appreciate all the small things in life. Like breathing the air, sitting outside, watching nature go by. I wanted to paint the coffin, because why not? It made me happy.

– Jeffery Beale
Jeff has painted his coffin to illustrate his life story. Credit: ITV News

Jeffery has had a colourful life. He was in a punk band that made a record, he was a stonemason, he was an artist and a tattooist. Now he is determined to enjoy his final days.

Jeff Beale worked as a stonemason and tattoo artist. Credit: ITV News