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Parents of Totnes teenager who died after falling from skateboard fundraise for new 'life-saving' headgear

Max was 19-years-old when he died after falling from his skateboard. Credit: Family photo

The family of a teenager from Totnes who died after falling from his skateboard are raising money to design new headgear they hope will save lives.

Max Hamilton died at just 19-years-old when he hit his head while skateboarding in Plymouth. His parents want to see a change in culture where wearing a helmet becomes the norm.

Max's parents say he 'lived life to the full' and that his skateboard was his passion. Credit: Family photo

Max's mother, Tracey Swan, and father, David Hamilton, are fundraising to help find a solution that's both suitable and fashionable.

They want to work with both headgear designers and skateboarders to try and create change in the sport.

Ideally it would be nice, to start that anyway, it would be nice to at least get them thinking about it and giving them a good alliterative to wear something that's reasonably cool - which is all part of the culture.

– David Hamilton, Max's father
Max was working to create his own brand of skateboards. Credit: Family photo

So far more than £9000 has been raised to go towards building a new feature for the skatepark in memory of Max.

The level of support is phenomenal. Totnes community has been amazing to us and just people who don't us are donating to the fund.

– Tracey Swan, Max's mother