1. ITV Report

UK Weather Forecast: Mostly fine and settled with temperatures picking up in the South West

Over the next few days the weather looks mostly fine and settled with temperatures picking up by the end of the week. The odd shower can't be completely ruled out though.

High pressure remains in charge across the West Country, despite a couple of weather systems moving across the rest of the UK. It looks like it should stick around onto the Bank Holiday weekend too.

For the rest of today it'll stay dry with lots of sunshine. Cloud will come and go overnight allowing a few mist and fog pockets to form by morning.

Temperatures will fall to 11 degrees in our towns and cities, but like the last few night it'll be colder than that in the countryside.

Thursday then looks dry and sunny for most. Some fair weather cloud will crop up and an isolated shower is possible. Temperatures will be higher though, reaching 22 Celsius, but a bit of a breeze around the coasts will keep things cooler.

Friday and the holiday weekend are currently looking settled too. Isolated showers are possible on Saturday but otherwise there will be some sunshine and temperatures getting into the mid, maybe high twenties!