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'Zombie knife' plunged into man's buttocks in Swindon fight

The knife had to be surgically removed. Credit: Wiltshire Police

An x-ray of a "zombie knife" which was plunged so deep into a man's buttocks that it had to be surgically removed, has been released by police.

The victim was stabbed by teenager Aaron Toward-Parker during a skirmish over a friend's girlfriend at a park near Covingham Square in January.

The 18-year-old has been found guilty of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm at Swindon Crown Court.

Wiltshire Police described the incident as "very violent".

This was a very violent assault which could have very easily had serious, if not fatal, consequences.

The victim who was stabbed had to be taken to hospital by ambulance with the large knife still in place and then had to have an operation to have the knife surgically removed.

Luckily, he has gone on to make a good recovery, as has the other victim who was shot in the face, but thankfully only received minor injuries.

– Det Sgt Scott Anger

Head of Crime Prevention Sonja Leith said Wiltshire Police is committed to educating people, particularly young people, about the dangers of carrying knives.

Although these types of incidents are rare, it is still incredibly concerning when we have cases where young people are carrying weapons and then using them to assault others.

We would hate to think that young people were arming themselves with the misguided view that this makes them safer, when in fact the very opposite is true.

– Sonja Leith, Wiltshire Police

Toward-Parker had denied wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, claiming the blade went in by accident. A jury took an hour to find him guilty.