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Bristol's latest environmental mural comes to Millennium Square

Credit: ITV News West Country

The graffiti artist behind a mural of environmental campaigner Greta Thunberg in Bristol has unveiled a new piece in the city's Millennium Square, inspired by plastic pollution.

Instead of a swimmer, the famous Jaws shark reaches up for a plastic bottle. Credit: ITV News
Jody Thomas is the artist behind Bristol's Greta Thunberg mural. Credit: ITV News

Jody Thomas' reinterpretation of the famous Jaws movie poster shows the shark grabbing a plastic bottle from the sea - instead of a swimmer as in the original.

The piece was commissioned by Bristol's science museum, We the Curious. Credit: ITV News

The piece hopes to show the environmental impact of plastics in our seas and to our wildlife.

The shark’s teeth are surrounded by floating bits of plastic.