Gloucester woman runs equivalent of 100 marathons barefoot to inspire girls to have more adventures

A Gloucester woman has completed her challenge of running the equivalent of 100 marathons - with bare feet.

Anna McNuff tookon the challenge in order to inspire girls to be more adventurous.

The adventurer set off from the Shetland Islands in June and took in some of the country's most picturesque coastlines before heading into town and city centres.

Anna plans to run the equivalent of 100 marathons. Credit: ITV News

Throughout the journey, Anna will be stopping to talk to young girls and inspire them to take up unique challenges.

As an ambassador for Girlguiding UK, Anna will educate young girls about the possibilities for them.

She said: "I’m showing them that adventures are for girls as well."

Anna's feet have already been bruised and bandaged. Credit: ITV News

Anna is half of the Gloucester couple united by their love of endurance events.

Her boyfriend, Jamie McDonald (known as Adventureman), recently ran more than 500 miles in a treadmill in seven days, breaking a world record.

Anna meets with some members of Girlguiding who are supporting her along the journey. Credit: ITV News

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The biggest challenge facing Anna is not just the physical strength required but the challenges that come from being barefoot, especially while navigating through cites.

She said: “Coming into cities, the glass and the grit - that’s the tough stuff and those are the times when I think, what am I doing?”

Running through the countryside will not be without its challenges either.

“The kinds of things you step in as you go along, and I’m talking everything from all the different kinds if poop, to dead animals. I've stepped on a dead rabbit," she added.

Her feet are currently bruised and bandaged as she is 1,000 miles into her 2,600 mile journey. She has said she will keep persevering until her journey is due to end in London in November.

Young girls, including guides and brownies, from across the UK are showing support for the runner. Credit: ITV News

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