Couple’s handwritten proposal discovered in hidden Dartmoor ‘letterbox’

The note found inside a Dartmoor letterbox. Credit: Jerome Gill

A couple’s adorable handwritten proposal to one another has been discovered in a hidden ‘letterbox’ on Dartmoor.

The note was found tucked inside a letterbox - one of the many dotted across the moor - by walker Jerome Gill this week.

Written on August 25, the note read: “Mummy, will you marry daddy?”

A large “Yes!” was etched below the question, along with “I love you Taryl”.

Jerome, who shared a picture of the note on social media, said it had “melted” his heart.

What is Dartmoor letterboxing?

A Dartmoor letterbox. Credit: Dartmoor Letterboxing / Facebook

Dartmoor letterboxing has been around for more than 150 years, having first been invented during the Victorian era.

A Dartmoor letterbox is a container - typically a durable plastic box - containing a rubber stamp.

They are tucked away across Dartmoor in various Tors and valleys, and members of the public are encouraged to look for them by following clues or searching under rocks.

Once found, letterboxers can choose to leave their mark - usually in the form of a ‘personal’ stamp or sign-off.

The first letterbox was sited at Cranmere Pool in the middle of the North Moor by a Dartmoor Guide in 1854.

It took more than 40 years for the second box to be sited at Belstone Tor but now there are thought to be hundreds sited all over the moor.

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