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The first street sign with a Grenfell heart - Cornwall celebrates its links to the London community

Thousands of Cornish people have worked together to support the Grenfell community. Credit: ITV West Country

The first street sign in the UK with a Grenfell heart on it has been unveiled in Mousehole to celebrate their close connections with the London community.

The sign has been organised by the Cornwall Hugs Grenfell campaign which was set up just a few days after the tragedy took place.

Family and friends of the 72 people who lost their lives did a silent walk to mark the two-year anniversary. Credit: PA

The campaign has worked to bring more than 350 Grenfell Tower survivors, bereaved, close neighbours or firefighters to come on holiday to Cornwall.

The idea is to give them a respite trip which will allow them a place to grieve, rest and re-build confidence. It is said that many of the survivors are still waiting for permanent housing.

Credit: PA

Thousands of people in Cornwall have helped - from people making individual donations to support from local business. Some people have even come from London to support the event.

It is a way here, 300 miles away, of saying we are still with you, we stand with you and importantly we support you as you try to achieve change and safer housing for everyone.

– Esmé Page, Founder of Cornwall Hugs Grenfell

The fire happened on 14 June 2017, with 72 people losing their lives. The green heart quickly became the sign of solidarity in the Grenfell area and it is often accompanied with the phrase "forever in our hearts".

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Survivors are continuing to fight for safer housing. It is said there are still nearly 400 towers, schools and public buildings with this flammable cladding on in the UK. They are calling for change to happen.

The Cornish community are using this event to show their support in making change.

Esmé Page set up Cornwall Hugs Grenfell only a few days after the tragic incident happened. Credit: ITV West Country

Cornwall's connection to Grenfell is not just in spirit. The tiny street has been called Grenfell for 200 years. It is said that both the street and the tower block are named after the same family.

Pascoe Grenfell was born in Marazion, St Michael's Mount and became an MP. It is believed that both the Cornish street and London tower are named after his grandson, Admiral Field Marshall Wallace Grenfell.

Karim Mussilhy, Vice Chair of Grenfell United, was a key part of the event. Credit: ITV West Country

"We are told that we are a divisive society and yet two communities can stand side by side and support each other."

– Esmé Page, Founder of Cornwall Hugs Grenfell
Families affected by the Grenfell tragedy have come to Mousehole for a 'respite holiday'. Credit: ITV West Country

The green heart placed at the end of a sign signifies the "partnership and friendship" that has grown up between the communities of Grenfell and Cornwall since the fire.

The survivors and bereaved were in Cornwall yesterday to unveil the sign.

People from London and Cornwall gathered together to reveal the plaque. Credit: ITV West Country

Vice Chair of Grenfell United, Karim Mussilhy, said: ''We now have a friendship that we will continue to have forever and I can't thank them enough."