Footage reveals devastation left by fire inside an old school building in Bridgwater

An old school building in Bridgwater has been devastated following a fire.

A number of fire crews from Bridgwater, Taunton and Yeovil battled the large blaze which broke out on the evening of Monday 2 September.

Footage shows the devastation caused inside the former Somerset Bridge School in Hamp Bridge.

It is reported to be the second fire in a month.

Local residents were upset by the incident. Naomi Isabel, who sent pictures of the ruins, said: "It was more than a school, it was like a family. I'm still in shock this morning.

"The teachers didn't just know that children and the parents they knew the grandparents too. It's not every school where your granddad and dad built the DT area!"

The aftermath of the large fire. Credit: BPM MEDIA

Firefighters battled the blaze for a number of hours and a cordon was put up around the incident by police. Nearby roads were also closed.

The fire crews have now left the scene but the cause is still being investigated.

The structure has been deemed unsafe after the fire.

Pictures show Somerset Bridge School in Hamp Bridge during the blaze. Credit: Somerset Live