The West Country Debate September: Brexit, a general election and what next?

A tumultuous week in Westminster has seen Boris Johnson lose his majority in parliament after withdrawing the whip from 21 Conservative MPs.

One of those was the Dorset West MP Sir Oliver Letwin, who found himself kicked out of the parliamentary party after joining forces with opposition MPs, including the West Country's seven Labour MPs and two Lib Dems to try and block a 'no deal' Brexit.

When it comes to Brexit - deal or no deal that is the question. It is one that has rumbled on for a few years now but it finally feels like it is coming to a head.

This week MPs have voted to force the PM to request an extension to our departure date if he isn't able to secure a deal in October.

Bristol West's Labour MP, Thangam Debbonaire, justified why her party didn't vote to trigger a general election - even though she wants the Tories out of government.

While Liberal Democrat and Bath MP Wera Hobhouse - who would like to remain in the European Union - is very critical of the Government's withdrawal negotiations and by portraying the EU as the enemy,

While Conservative MP for Camborne and Redruth - and also Fishing and Farming Minister - George Eustice argues taking 'no deal' off the table hinders the prime minister's negotiating strategy and undermines him.