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Dorset woman's warning after crash sent tractor spike through her neck

Amy was left in intensive care following the crash. Credit: ITV News West Country

A young woman from Dorset who made a miraculous recovery after being in a head-on crash with a tractor near Wareham is urging people to take driving on country roads more seriously.

Amy Tyrer was in intensive care for three weeks and had to move back in with her parents for 12 months.

Now living independently again she spoke to ITV News about her story for the first time.

I know from what other people have told me and people that where there at the time, it was like a massacre.

You know you see spikes going into a car and you assume the worst.

I know the tractor driver would have been mortified, I know he probably thought he would have killed me.

People who were there said it was awful and I just think it would have looked like a fatality and I know the police thought it was a fatality as well.

– Amy Tyrer
Amy was lucky that none of her vital organs were damaged. Credit: ITV News

The crash happened when Amy turned a corner and collided with a tractor.

A spike on the tractor went through Amy's neck. Doctors told her it could have damaged her vital organs - she was put into a coma at the scene and airlifted away.

Miraculously, her vital organs weren't damaged. But Amy did suffer an injury to her brain, and during her recovery she had to move back in with her parents in the Midlands.

Really wasn't doing well for quite a few months. It makes you lethargic, really tired I was sleeping 15 hours a day. Which in itself is quite debilitating when you're a full grown adult and you can't even walk to the end of the street without getting tired.

– Amy Tyrer
Amy wants rural drivers to know the risks. Credit: ITV News

The crash was ruled an accident by Dorset Police and nobody was prosecuted.

One year on from the life-changing event, Amy wants to warn others to be extra cautious on rural roads:

Both of us were doing the right thing but something went wrong.

My advice to people is if something can go wrong when everyone is doing the right thing, what happens when you're doing the wrong thing.

If you're on your phone, if you're not concentrating, if dare I say it drink or drug driving, you will have an accident and someone will get hurt.

– Amy Tyrer
Department of Transport figures show that fatalities are more likely on rural roads. Credit: Dorset Police

The latest Department for Transport figures show that although the number of collisions on roads in urban areas is much higher than on rural roads, there were fewer fatalities when driving in towns or cities, showing how dangerous a car crash can be when on a country road.

The crash was ruled an accident by Dorset Police and nobody was prosecuted. Credit: ITV News

Amy now hopes her stories will make people extra careful driving on rural roads.