Prince William visits Chudleigh in South Devon to support firefighters

Prince William received a salute as he arrives in Chudleigh. Credit: PA Images

The Duke of Cambridge has been hearing the stories of firefighters and other frontline workers on a visit to Chudleigh in South Devon.

Prince William visited the Fire Fighters Charity's Centre at Harcombe House to mark Emergency Services Day.

Prince William arriving in Chudleigh. Credit: ITV News

The Centre provides treatment for emergency services staffs' mental and physical health.

John Couzins, a firefighter for 31 years, has reduced mobility and struggles to walk for long.

The antigravity treadmill at The Fire Fighters Charity's Harcombe House centre in Devon has allowed him to regain some fitness in his retirement, in body and mind.

Jon has found new confidence after using the centre's anti-gravity treadmill. Credit: ITV News

Today's visit by the Duke of Cambridge was timed to coincide with Emergency Services Day.

The Fire Fighters Charity was also able to show off its £1.8 million revamp, with therapy rooms to support those suffering with poor mental health, a subject close to Prince William's heart.

The Duke of Cambridge was himself a search and rescue helicopter pilot. Credit: ITV News

He also met families who've had support here, and the centre has helped some who were involved in the Grenfell Tower fire.

The Duke of Cambridge was himself a search and rescue helicopter pilot.