West Country trees in the running to win Tree of the Year

Bristol's Addison tree is in the running to be crowned Tree of the Year 2019. Credit: Woodland Trust

The Tree of the Year shortlist has been unveiled by the Woodland Trust and three of the leafy beauties in the running hail from the West Country.

Mighty oaks, a twisted conifer and a sycamore on a castle are among the contenders.

The ten shortlisted trees include specimens from Gloucestershire, Bristol and Dorset. Now members of the public are being invited to pick their favourite.

Addison's Oak, Bristol

This tree was planted to commemorate the launch of Bristol's city-wide public housing scheme by Dr Christopher Addison MP, who was responsible for the 1919 Housing and Town Planning Act which led to the first council houses to be built to provide "homes fit for heroes" returning from the First World War.

London Plane, Bryanston, Dorset

London Plane in Dorset is the tallest broadleaf tree in the UK. Credit: Woodland Trust

The central of three trees at Bryanston School, this specimen stands nearly164ft tall, just a little shorter than Nelson's Column, making it the tallest broadleaf tree in the UK and one of the tallest in Europe.

The tree's height was confirmed in 2015 when school pupils - with the help of professional climbing equipment - scaled it to measure it.

The Drive Oak, Gloucester, Gloucestershire

The Drive Oak is famed for its array of wildlife. Credit: Woodland Trust

This tree has guarded the entrance to Wick Court farm for hundreds of years and may have been there when Elizabeth I came from Berkeley Castle having been reprimanded for killing too many stags.

Now children come to stay from inner-city primary schools, and study the oak as part of a bird survey.

The awards aim to raise awareness of the importance of trees, while the cash prize of £1,000 is intended to be put towards caring for the trees.

Trees across the country are constantly under threat of felling due to inappropriate developments.

Adam Cormack, Woodland Trust