Bristol mayor Marvin Rees' successor to receive £9K pay rise to match MP’s salary

Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees. Credit: ITV News West Country

The next Mayor of Bristol is to receive a pay rise of almost £9,000 to match the salary of an MP.

The salary increase - from the current level of £70,605 to £79,468 - was recommended by an independent review panel.

Rises to other councillors’ allowances will be decided at a Bristol City Council meeting later.

Proposed changes to members’ allowances, if approved, would cost taxpayers an extra £139,926 a year - taking the overall bill from £1.28m to £1.42m.

Marvin Rees was elected in May 2016. Credit: ITV News West Country

This would include an increase of just over £1,000 in the basic allowance all councillors are entitled to, taking it to £13,946.

The report by the Members’ Remuneration Independent Review Panel justified the mayor’s pay rise by describing the role as “extremely high profile” and “not without risk”.

The panel was of the understanding that this [basic allowance] payment should have been made since the directly elected mayor position was created in 2012.

Members’ Remuneration Independent Review Panel report