Parent begs Plymouth paedophile Vanessa George to name victims in emotional open letter

The parent of a child who attended the nursery where Vanessa George committed her crimes has begged the notorious paedophile to name her victims.

George, 49, was jailed indefinitely in 2009 and ordered to serve a minimum of seven years for abusing toddlers at Little Ted's Nursery in Plymouth.

The Parole Board ruled earlier this month that George no longer poses a significant threat to the public and she was released from prison on Wednesday.

Although under “strict licence conditions" and banned from entering Devon and Cornwall, George's release has outraged victims and their families.

Vanessa George Credit: PA

One parent, whose child attended Little Ted’s Nursery at the same time as George, has written an open letter to the paedophile - calling on her to name all of her victims.

The parent, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, said George’s decision to withhold the names had left them with “a legacy of pain and constant reminders of the past.”

A full copy of the letter can be read below.

Speaking to ITV News West Country earlier today, Plymouth MP Luke Pollard said he was “disgusted” by George’s release from prison.

Luke Pollard, MP for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport, said he was Credit: ITV News West Country

He said it represented a “dark day for British justice”, while fellow Plymouth MP Johnny Mercer tweeted to say his thoughts are with the victims.

Parent’s open letter to Vanessa George

Dear Vanessa,

If you're reading this then you've been let out. I don’t even know if I will send it. You were my friend. I honestly cannot believe you would hurt our children the way you did. I feel disgusted and ashamed every day that I left my beautiful innocent children with you willingly as you smiled at me, knowing what you were doing. The guilt you have left me with as a parent has been so overwhelming at times I have questioned my own judgement and ability to be a good parent. I've waited until the kids are in bed to sob. I've cut perfectly good people out of our lives because I don't trust anyone.

What you've left me with is a legacy of pain and constant reminders of the past. A 13 year old child that still wets the bed and has never had a sleepover at a friends house. A child that has had counselling and social problems since they were 18 months old. A child that finds it difficult controlling his emotions and is full of rage at times. A mother full of shame, guilt and disgust.

A mother who wishes she could take it all back and change things. A mother who doesn't think there's any punishment in the world fit for what you've done to my baby and my family. A mother whose heart is absolutely shattered into pieces every time she sees your face or hears your name because it reminds me that I gave my children to you without a thought at the school gate every day.

You set my family down a path 10 years ago that no one should ever have to go down. Your actions have ricocheted through every aspect of my families life since 2009. Just when we start to move on, your face appears again or the nightmares start. You owe every single family a definitive answer. You owe us a list of names. You owe us parents a decade without regrets, shame and guilt. You owe our children their childhood, their innocence, their lives back!

You've survived the last 10 years, my family has suffered. It’s not fair that you get to move on now and start a fresh life and we are left to continue suffering. I want answers, I want a list of names of those children affected...and if you don't give them up then I only wish that you can experience even half of the excruciating torture we have endured.

Waiting patiently as always,

An old, very tired friend.