Cornwall Spaceport dreams take a step closer to becoming a reality

Virgin Orbit has successfully tested the modified Boeing 747 aircraft known as 'Cosmic Girl'. Credit: Virgin Orbit

Dreams of a Cornwall Spaceport have taken a step closer to becoming a reality after Cornwall Council's cabinet agreed to spend £12 million on the project.

The money is part of a £20m package which will provide a number of things needed to prepare Spaceport Cornwall at Newquay Airport.

Two years from now they hope to launch satellites into space from Newquay.

Cornwall has been bidding to build a spaceport for the last five years. Credit: Virgin Orbit

We've got to try and pioneer for our future young people. I spent 40 years in education and I want to create really good jobs for young people so they can stay in Cornwall and live and grow in their own community.

Councillor Geoff Brown, Cornwall Council, Transport

Despite support from the UK Space Agency and Virgin Orbit there are concerns about spending taxpayer's money on the Spaceport.

Another major objection is the environmental impact it could have.

The craft's been tested over the Mojave desert in the USA. Credit: Virgin Orbit

Instead of finding everything we possibly can do to bring down the impact of carbon through transport in Cornwall, we're actually extending space industry in Cornwall. It would be funny if it wasn't so awful.

Amanda Brookman

Spaceport Cornwall hope to mitigate and offset their carbon emissions.