Giant 70 metre cow made of manure appears on Somerset hillside

A giant cow made of manure has been assembled on a Somerset hillside by a group of artists.

The hu-moo-ngous artwork is a whopping 50m high and 70m long and took an entire week to complete.

Creators, led by organic dairy company Yeo Valley, hope the manure masterpiece will raise awareness of organic farming.

They say it joins other beefy West Country giants like the Cerne Abbas Giant and the Westbury White Horse.

Creators say the giant artwork joins the greats like the Cerne Abbas Giant. Credit: SWNS
The cow was painted onto the hillside using household brooms. Credit: SWNS

A collection of 10 artists worked on the bovine beast, gathered together by the Heritage Courtyard Gallery and Studios in Wells.

Artist Heather Jane Wallace said it was "very exhausting to carry the poo up the steep hill," but the piece moo-ved her personally:

"I’m a Somerset girl. My brother, nephew and grandfather are farmers. I really understand the message. When I grew up, farming was naturally organic."

Artists involved said manoeuvring manure up a steep hill was a struggle. Credit: Yeo Valley

Heather added: "We used great big household brooms to paint it into the grass".

Artists said they quickly realised smaller details wouldn't be visible! Credit: SWNS

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Sarah Mead from Yeo Valley was realistic about the lifespan of the cow poo creation, she said: "The giant cow won’t be here for long. Nature will have the last laugh, as ever".