Royal Military Police have made an arrest in connection with the disappearance of Katrice Lee, the Hartlepool toddler who vanished in Germany in 1981.

Police have searched a house in Swindon and were seen digging in the garden of the property.

An army spokesperson said:

We can confirm that an arrest was made on 23 September by the Royal Military Police in connection with the disappearance of Katrice Lee in 1981. As this is an ongoing investigation we cannot comment further at this stage.


Katrice Lee went missing from a shopping complex in Paderborn, Germany on November 28 1981 at two-years-old.

Her father Richard Lee, a Sergeant Major in the British Army, was then stationed in West Germany.

The Royal Military Police reopened the investigation in 2012.

Six years later they identified the bank of the River Alme in Paderborn as an area of particular interest and undertook a five week search. They subsequently ruled the area out of the investigation.

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