Bristol's iconic Bearpit bear is no more

One of Bristol's best-known landmarks was removed today after a long-running battle over the future of the site it stands on.

The city council recently ordered a clean-up of the Bearpit in the city centre where Ursa, a 12 foot sculpture, has stood for almost seven years.

The figure's owners say it's no longer the right place for it.

The Bearpit was completely refurbished earlier this year. Credit: ITV News

The notorious city centre site, which is officially called St James Barton roundabout, was temporarily closed to the public on June 19 to allow Bristol City Council to evict squatters and remove graffiti.

The authority said it could no longer ignore “escalating” public safety concerns, investing £250,000 in fencing, 24-hour security and a clean-up crew to remove unauthorised structures and containers.