Will Hurricane Lorenzo affect the West Country weather?

By weather presenter: Charlie Powell

On the morning of the 25 September, a tropical storm in the western Atlantic strengthened and became Hurricane Lorenzo.

We're used to hurricanes heading towards the east coast of the USA and causing major disruption - so how of interest is this one to the West Country?

Lorenzo never made much progress towards the USA and instead, due to the pressure pattern across the Ocean, it moved northwards and made a turn to the UK. Here's how it looked yesterday...

The swirl of cloud to the west of Africa is Lorenzo, and yesterday it was a category 5 storm - that means winds of at least 157 mph!

The weather system weakened overnight to category 3 and currently has sustained winds of 105 mph so it's still a very strong storm.

The current forecast track from the National Hurricane Centre is as follows...

Credit: National Weather Service

This is the best forecast at the moment but different forecast models are providing very different solutions when it comes to placing what's left of Lorenzo near the UK.

Even though we're only a few days away from its arrival, there's so much energy wrapped up in hurricanes that they tend to make the atmosphere way more complicated than a typical Atlantic low pressure system. That's why its forecast track is so uncertain.

Credit: ITV News

What we do know is that Lorenzo will no longer be a tropical system by the time it reaches us, and therefore it won't be a hurricane. There could still be some wet and windy elements from the remnants but the latest thoughts are for Lorenzo to move towards the northwest of the UK.

All we can do at the moment is keep monitoring it, watch how it changes and moves across the Atlantic, and all that information will be fed into the forecast models. Stay tuned to the weather forecasts over the coming days to stay up-to-date.