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Cotswolds MP thrown out of Conservative Party Conference after 'altercation'

Areas of the conference went into lockdown following an 'altercation' Credit: PA Images

Cotswolds MP Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown has been forced to leave the Conservative Party Conference, after what a party spokesman has described as 'totally unacceptable' behaviour towards security staff.

The Senior MP tried to enter the International Lounge on conference grounds with his fiancee - who did not have the right security pass for the area.

When she was denied access, Sir Clifton-Brown reportedly engaged in an argument with security at the door.

Police were called to the area and several parts of the conference venue were put into lockdown - including the press room.

The incident happened not long before Home Secretary Priti Patel delivered her conference speech on the importance of 'law and order'.

Just hours after the incident, Home Secretary Priti Patel delivered her speech on the importance of law and order Credit: PA Images

A party spokesman has condemned the Cotswolds MP's behaviour, confirming the incident will be investigated.

The incident was totally unacceptable.

Geoffrey has been asked to leave Conference and we are establishing all of the facts to see if further action is necessary.

We will always adopt a zero tolerance approach to any inappropriate behaviour towards our hardworking staff.

– Conservative Party spokesperson
The MP did not deny any allegations put to him by reporters, but refused to comment further Credit: PA Images

Following the altercation, Sir Clifton-Brown did not deny an incident taking place.

I've got nothing further to say about it. I don't want to comment on it, really.

– Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP
The press room was one of the areas locked down, with journalists turned away from the International Lounge Credit: PA Images

In a statement, Greater Manchester Police confirmed the disagreement happened after a conference attendee was denied access to the International Lounge because they didn't hold the right security pass.

At around 1.45pm on Tuesday 1 October 2019, an attendee to the Conservative Party Conference attempted to enter the International Lounge area of the conference without the relevant pass.

Security staff intervened and resolved the situation without any breach of security occurring.

– Greater Manchester Police