Paramedics check on elderly Avonmouth man after £100,000 energy bill

Police and paramedics were sent to check on an 89-year-old's wellbeing by his energy supplier after he was mistakenly billed for almost £100,000.

Ted Willman from Avonmouth went to check on his in home meter - and was staggered to find his day's usage was £99,999.

When the former paramedic called his energy supplier E.On, he told them the shock of seeing the reading could have given him a heart attack.

Minutes after putting the phone down to them, he received a knock at his door from two police officers, followed a short while later, by a paramedic crew - one of whom he used to work with.

He said, 'Hello Ted, what's all this about?' He said they'd had a phone call from E.On concerned about my health and they wanted to come and check on me.

Ted Willman

Ted had the in-home meter installed earlier this year so he could monitor his daily usage. On September 9th he had a nasty surprise.

"On the gadget it reading £99,999. I thought 'how can I afford that, so I rang them up. After eventually getting through to someone, I said I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the reading.

"I said I'd be needing plenty of tablets for my angina now.

"The person on the line then kept asking if I was all right, before putting me through to a lady who was on the meter reading side. She said something had gone wrong with the meter and it would be looked into."

Ted had a shock when paramedics knocked on his door hours after he told his energy company he could have a heart attack over his mistaken energy bill. Credit: Bristol Post

A spokesperson for E.On said their adviser had become concerned for Mr Willman's welfare during the call and decided to call the emergency services.

She added: "With regard to Mr Willman's account, we have actual meter readings from which the account has been billed correctly. We have also offered to investigate the fault with his in-home display unit and we are in discussions about what further support may be available to him."