A family has received a multi-million pound settlement to fund specialist care after their son was starved of oxygen during birth and went on to develop Cerebral Palsy.

Staff at St Michael's Hospital in Bristol failed to monitor Ollie Lewis' heart rate when his mother was in Labour, so it went unnoticed when it dropped to a dangerous level when the umbilical cord became wrapped around his neck.

Ollie since then has needed on-to-one supervision at all times, needs to use a wheelchair, is tube-fed, is registered blind and is not able to speak.

The family were awarded a multi-million pound settlement for failings at St Michaels Hospital

Charmaine Malcolm and Neil Lewis have been fighting for the seven years of Ollie's life to make sure those responsible are held accountable, and that they can afford to support him going forwards.

Ollie's parents are now using World Cerebral Palsy Day to speak about the huge impact that the condition has had on their lives and their hopes for Ollie’s future.

We were in a state of shock when we were told of the issues which occurred during Ollie’s birth and it is difficult to take that things could have been a lot different. Neil in particular took it hard and has struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder in the years since.

Charmaine Malcolm, Ollie's mum
Ollie will never be able to get a job or live independently

Experts have said that Ollie will never be able to achieve independence or take up work, unlike his brother Alfie and sister Millie.

The family's lawyers have said that although being awarded millions of pounds to look after Ollie well into the future, no amount of money can give the family back the future they have lost.

It is vital that lessons are learned and there is more awareness of the consequences that birth injuries can lead to so others don’t have to suffer the hurt and pain that Charmaine, Neil and the rest of the family have.

Julie Lewis, family's lawyer
Ollie's family are now looking to the future

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