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‘Part wild’ 4ft Savannah cat on the loose in Bristol

The 4ft long Savannah cat is missing in Bristol. Credit: Laura Page

A 4ft long semi-wild Savannah cat from America is on the loose in Bristol - and its owner has warned the public to keep their distance.

The pet cat, which is as big as a medium-sized dog, lives with Laura Page and her family in the Sea Mills area of the city.

It managed to escape on Tuesday evening (October 8) and has been missing in the neighbourhood ever since.

The cat escaped from its home in the Sea Mills area of the city on Tuesday (October 8). Credit: Laura Page

Savannah cats are the largest domestic cats in the world and is a hybrid cat breed which is a cross between a serval - an African wildcat - and a domestic cat.

The missing cat, whose name has been withheld, weighs more than 25lbs and from nose to tail is almost 4ft long.

Owner Laura said that he is not a danger and is scared of humans but should not be approached, as he will run off.

Despite reported sightings in other parts of the city, Laura has stressed the cat went missing from her home in Sea Mills - and is believed to still be in the area.

She has asked for people to text her if they see it.

The cat is a cross-breed. Credit: Laura Page

The cat has a blue collar on with Laura’s contact details and he is chipped, though to an address in the USA.

He is a Savannah cat, he’s part wild and will be afraid of people and loud noises. Please don’t approach him or try to catch or coax him in - he’s fast. He has a loud pitched meow, which is very distinctive.

– Laura Page

According to Laura, the cat was reportedly last seen in Sylvan Way.

If anyone sees it, they should text Laura on 07983 852889.