A new project aimed at creating a "city-wide" response to homelessness has been launched in Exeter.

Organisers say the Exeter Homeless Partnership will put people who have previously been homeless at the heart of the initiative, with the objective of creating a 'Homeless Charter' for the city.

Credit: ITV News West Country

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The three year project, funded by Comic Relief, aims to incorporate businesses, charities, and residents from across the city.

Project Co-ordinator Stuart Hooper says the collaborative approach reflects a shared commitment:

They share a commitment to preventing and reducing homelessness in Exeter. By joining this partnership, we are all acknowledging that working more closely together and involving people across the city is the best way to go.

Stuart Hooper, Project Co-ordinator
The new three year project has been launched on World Homelessness Day. Credit: ITV News West Country

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Exeter City Council is one of the organisations involved in the project, commenting on the launch Richard Crompton from the Council said:

"Homelessness affects everyone in the city.

"We know that many households are only one pay cheque away from being homeless, and that countless others have to sleep where they can, from a friend's sofa to their own car and even the street."

It's hoped businesses and agencies across the city will sign up to the 'Homeless Charter' at a launch in Spring next year.

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