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Friends cycle 22,000km to Japan for Rugby World Cup

Harry Horner (right) and Rob Nichols (left) have cycled to Japan in time for Rugby World Cup. Credit: Harry Horner/Rob Nichols

A man from Bath has cycled all the way from Ireland to Japan in order to support England at the Rugby World Cup and raise money for charity.

Harry Horner set off on the staggering 22,000km trip in February and only arrived in Japan two weeks ago.

The 25-year-old was joined by his friend Rob Nichols in Turkey and they cycled together through countries including Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Harry (right) and Rob (left) at the Lotus Children's Centre in Mongolia. Credit: Harry Horner/Rob Nichols

The pair are also attempting to raise £22,000 - a pound for every kilometre covered - for a children’s centre in Mongolia.

We’re trying to raise £22,000 for Lotus Children’s Centre, a charity in Mongolia. They’re just outside Ulaanbaatar and Ulaanbaatar is the most polluted city in the world at the moment.

There are a whole range of social and cultural issues that affect children the most as a knock-on effect of that and Lotus is a safe place for kids to grow up outside of the city.

So, what that £22,000 is going to go towards is building of solar panels to go into the orphanage.

– Harry and Rob

The two friends have also committed to not spending any money on accommodation on their trip - instead choosing to camp, sleep rough and, where possible, stay with guests.

Harry pitched up beside a road. Credit: Harry Horner/Rob Nichols

Having now arrived in Japan, Harry and Rob said the atmosphere for the World Cup was “electric”.

Asked if they think Eddie Jones’ England side can go on and win the tournament, Harry replied: “What can you do but believe?

“And we’ve cycled the whole way for them to win. They’ve got to do it now!”

For more on Harry and Rob's cycle ride, or to support them, visit their website here.

You can follow their trip on Instagram here.