Mum takes kids ‘off grid’ to live in woods as part of Extinction Rebellion protest

A mother from Gloucestershire has taken her family ‘off grid’ to live in the woods as part of a climate change protest.

Mum-of-three Ellie Sumpter is attempting to live ‘off grid’ for up to a fortnight to show solidarity with activists from Extinction Rebellion, who are demonstrating in London.

Her three children - 12-year-old Ivy, 10-year-old Soul and two-year-old Osho - have also taken part, though Ivy has chosen to spend some nights at a friend’s.

The family pictured next to their temporary shelter. Credit: Gloucetershire Live

The family spent their first night in the wild in woodlands outside Nailsworth, sleeping in a shelter that Ellie made herself.

‘I have always given my children choices’

Ivy slept in the camp on Saturday but spent Sunday away, returning to the camp with chocolates on Monday for her mum's birthday when she stayed the night.

Home-schooled Ivy says she supports Extinction Rebellion and tries to live an eco-lifestyle but just did not fancy sleeping outdoors on Monday night.

Ivy opted to sleep at a friend's house for one night. Credit: Gloucestershire Live

The family were originally going to camp in the capital as part of the Extinction Rebellion protests but Ellie had doubts about taking them into a crowded city and is also wary about 5G.

Ellie made the family's shelter. Credit: Gloucestershire Live