A pet owner from Devon has claimed cannabis oil saved her dog’s life after he was given just days to live.

Vicky Horton, from Torquay, had almost given up hope of saving her Labrador springer cross Milo after he was diagnosed with pancreatitis.

Vets told her to prepare for the worst after the pooch failed to respond to conventional treatments.

However, after a friend suggesting giving him some drops of CBD oil, Vicky says Milo’s health improved drastically.

Owner Vicky Horton. Credit: Devon Live

Seven months on, Milo is still using the CBD oil and has recently celebrated his 15th birthday.

Now, the family are all going on holiday together in their campervan to help Milo enjoy his twilight years.

Milo was taken seriously ill with pancreatitis. It is a very serious condition in dogs, especially older dogs.


It was then that Vicky’s husband recalled some friends who had treated their dogs using CBD oil.

The couple gave Milo eight drops of oil and claim his condition improved within a matter of hours.

They say within three hours he had his first proper wee - his first in three days. By 11pm, he was asleep and resting for the first time in four days.

By 6am the following morning, he was eating a plate of chicken - which was the first food he had eaten for six days.

If you look at Milo today running around the block, scoffing plates of chicken and wagging his tail it’s really surreal to think that we almost made a decision to end his life. It’s completely unbelievable how a few drops of oil can make such a difference to an animal’s life.


Until September last year, CBD shops were able to supply pet owners with products to make their pets lives easier.

However, the Veterinary Medicines Directorate then issued a statement saying that veterinary products containing (CBD) are veterinary medicines and should be regulated - which has reportedly halted the trade.