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Rugby player gargoyle installed on Gloucester Cathedral

Credit: ITV News West Country

A new gargoyle honouring Gloucester's love of rugby has been erected on the city's cathedral.

It's only the second time in living history that new gargoyles have been created for the 1,300 year old building.

The 'Glaaaawster' gargoyle depicts a rugby player kneeling on the ground clutching a rugby ball to his chest.

The structure had to be laid sideways before being pulled into place. Credit: ITV News West Country

The latest addition is one of a set of six new gargoyles to be installed as part of a £530,000 restoration project.

Each gargoyle will represent a different region of the County: Gloucester, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Stroud, Cotswolds and the Forest of Dean.

Credit: ITV News West Country

The Very Revered Stephan Lake, Dean of Gloucester, said it was "only fitting" the cathedral reflect the rugby playing traditions of the history.

Since 1891, Gloucester Rugby Club has played its home matches at Kingsholm Stadium. The matches attract large numbers of loyal followers filling the city with enthusiastic fans, and with the other ‘hallowed ground’ just a stone’s throw away from the Cathedral, it seemed only fitting that ‘Glaaaawster’ should pay tribute to this much-loved sport.

– The Very Reverend Stephen Lake, Dean of Gloucester
It looks like he might get called up for not releasing the ball. Credit: Gloucester Cathedral

The Cathedral's Master Mason, Pascal, sculpted the original clay model (a maquette) which was then carved into stone before being erected on the cathedral.

As well as adding character to the building, the gargoyles help to ensure the building remains watertight.