Tales of Rackenford: An ITV West Country Special

For the past few months, ITV West Country cameras have been visiting the village of Rackenford in Devon, hearing the stories of the people who live here and finding out what makes a rural West Country village tick.

Rackenford, a village of around 400 residents, is surrounded by farmland and moorland. At its heart is a church, a primary school, a pub and a community shop, which is run by volunteers.

There is a strong sense of community spirit, which is important in an isolated village like this, and there are a number of events throughout the year which help bring people together.

'Rackenford Tales' gives a flavour of what it's like to live out in the country, to run a business, to go to a small village school, and how things have changed over the years for rural farming communities like this.

Part 1: Changing TimesA lot has changed in Rackenford but a lot has also stayed the same as we examine how the rural community in the heart of Devon has stood the test of time:

Part 2: School DaysRackenford might be a small community of 400 but among their number are 60 children who attend the local school. We went to find out what sets the school apart and why parents choose to send their kids to the 'small school on the hill'......

Part 3: Working LifeRackenford is like many villages dotted throughout the West Country. It is surrounded by farmland and moors, and farming has historically been at its heart, but there are other businesses based there too, including the oldest pub in Devon.

Part 4: Community SpiritIn the final part of our series looking at rural life in the Devon village of Rackenford we speak to residents about the importance of protecting their strong sense of community spirit.