The West Country Debate October: Boris Johnson's Brexit deal, changing polls and climate change

It has been - yet another - unprecedented week in Parliament so far, and it’s not over yet.

Brexit negotiations appear to have made it further than many expected, after the Prime Minister managed to get an exit plan agreed by both his government and the EU Commission.

However, the signature on the dotted line all depends on how MPs vote on the deal on Saturday.

And in another bombshell, MPs who may have been hoping to push back our departure date in an attempt to table another referendum have had had cold water thrown on those hopes, with the EU suggesting this time round could be deal or no deal.

Luke Pollard on the West Country Debate. Credit: ITV News West Country

But what is still unclear is what this deal - or in fact no deal - mean for the West Country this close to the Brexit deadline.

All the uncertainty has left voters split, with the Brexit Party gaining momentum where Labour and the Conservatives are losing control.

The state of the parties, according to recent polls. Credit: ITV News West Country

Newly christened Liberal Democrat MP Sarah Wollaston still argues that despite polls showing an even stronger pull to leave the EU, the public don't know the details of the deal they are being asked about:

Meanwhile former Chief Whip for the Conservatives, Forest of Dean MP Mark Harper, has argued that the public knew exactly what they voted for three years ago a delays must be stopped:

And despite a sinking reputation for the Labour party, Plymouth MP Luke Pollard is confident that parts of the West Country could still be red:

You can watch the West Country Debate in full below: