1. ITV Report

UK Weather Forecast: Frequent showers and blustery winds across the West Country

As we head through the next few days we're going to see a very showery theme to the weather. There will be some sunshine but winds will be very blustery making it feel cool.

It's all thanks to a big area of low pressure sat to the west of the UK. It'll slowly work it's way eastwards and bring plenty of showers as we head through the weekend, but they should become fewer and further between.

Frequent downpours will carry on through this evening and overnight. Some will be heavy and it'll stay blustery so it shouldn't be as chilly. A few spots will drop to single figures though where the cloud breaks up for long enough.

Friday will be a very similar day to today, with plenty of heavy showers moving through on gusty winds. Some showers may give a bit of thunder and hail, and it will still feel on the cool side with temperatures around a degree lower than today.

As we head through the weekend showers will slowly become fewer and further between, giving us a little more sunshine and lighter winds. On Monday there are hints that high pressure may return for a bit.