‘Largest-ever’ Brexit protest message ploughed in Wiltshire field

A field in Wiltshire is now home to what is believed to be the biggest-ever Brexit protest.

The words ‘Britain Now Wants To Remain’ were ploughed into the field by a tractor.

The stunt was orchestrated by anti-Brexit campaign group Led By Donkeys to coincide with the build-up to this weekend’s People’s Vote march in London.

The message can be seen from 30,000ft up. Credit: Led By Donkeys

David Lewis, who runs the farm where the message was ploughed, said it gave him “real pride”.

Led By Donkeys was launched in January this year by four founding members, who wished to highlight promises made by Leave politicians ahead of the referendum in 2016.

Within weeks it became the largest entirely crowdfunded political campaign in British history.