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Transgender Wiltshire teacher tells ITV News about her life now with her wife and children

Maddie and her wife Jane and son Nat talk about life after her transition. Credit: ITV News West Country

Maddie James lived more than 50 years as a man and taught at St Lawrence School in Bradford-On-Avon for more than 30 years as Mr James.

Four years ago she started her transition to female and in an extremely powerful interview, the family from Box share the story of how they've adapted.

Maddie and Jane got married in 1980. When decades later Maddie told Jane she wanted to transition to female it was a life-changing choice for Jane to face.

Back on the James' wedding day in 1980. Credit: Family photo

I was grieving I think I didn't want to lose the man I was married to. It was different. To be with a person that I still care about and still love and believe that she loves me but it doesn't have that physical attraction that it used to have and that was a loss as far as I'm concerned.

– Jane James

Once Maddie and Jane had come to the decision they still loved each other and wanted to stay married they had to tell their grown-up children Nat and Fliss.

Four years after that conversation - and a lot of changes to family life - Nat told ITV News why he still refers to Maddie as Dad.

Nat said he was shocked and had no idea his dad wanted to change gender. Credit: ITV News West Country

I still use (the word) Dad - it's not a different person, it's still the person I grew up with so all the memories I have from childhood of the person who loved me and supported me and helped me through everything growing up is still the same person but the fact she's now in a different body it doesn't change who she is.

– Nat James

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Maddie and her family hope to show the ups and downs of handling a momentous change like this. Credit: ITV News West Country

Maddie has told ITV News she says she's incredibly grateful for the support of her family, but recognises not all transgender people have the same reaction from friends and family.

The James family say they hope their story will help other families going through similar momentous changes.