1. ITV Report

UK Weather Forecast: Showers clearing today for a dry, bright weekend

This weekend is looking a lot more promising than the last couple of days. There will be a few showers on Saturday but skies will be drier and brighter on Sunday.

That's because the area of low pressure that's been hanging around is finally moving away to the east, allowing high pressure to build in. This should give us some settled weather for a change as we head into next week.

For the rest of this evening though we've still got frequent, heavy and blustery showers around. They will tend to thin out a bit overnight and winds should ease too, so temperatures will be a little lower.

Plenty of sunshine on Saturday but a few showers still. Nowhere near as frequent or heavy though, and with lighter winds it should feel a little warmer, despite temperatures reaching the same as today - around 14 Celsius.

Sunday should be mostly dry, fine and bright as high pressure starts to move in. Settled weather will last into the start of next week too, but it'll stay cool with temperatures in the low teens.