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'He'll be killed' - Bristol family of asylum seeker detained in London fear for his life

Ivan and his family are Christian and say they face persecution in Pakistan. Credit: ITV News

The family of an asylum seeker living in Bristol say they fear for his life if he's deported back to Pakistan.

Ivan David was taken to a detention centre in London last week, after trying to get refugee status for the past five years.

He first moved from Pakistan to Bristol in 2006 to study business at the University of the West of England.

In 2010 - after finishing his studies - Ivan wanted to visit Pakistan for Christmas.

When Ivan went home, his family say he was confronted by members of the so-called Islamic State Group who reported Ivan to the police for allegedly blaspheming against Islam.

Ivan's sister-in-law Maroline says he's been sounding hopeless in recent phone calls to his detention centre. Credit: ITV News

If he goes back to Pakistan, he'll be killed.

– Asheber, Ivan's brother

Born and raised Christian, Ivan and his family say they have to avoid some parts of the country for fear of persecution.

Ivan's brother and sister-in-law fear for Ivan's safety if he's deported. Credit: ITV News

Almost a week since he was detained, Ivan's family say if he's deported they fear the worst will happen and he'll be killed.

The Home Office says it can't comment on individual cases.