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UK Weather forecast: Holding onto mostly dry weather across the South West

As we head into tomorrow we're going to hold onto mostly dry weather with light winds, and much like last night we'll see low temperatures with some fog forming.

High pressure is bringing the settled weather, although it's not obvious on the charts. It's also keeping the majority of weather systems fairly weak, but a change from yesterday's forecast now means that there's some wetter and windier weather expected by the end of the week.

There will be some autumn sunshine this evening and it'll stay dry for most overnight with clear skies and light winds. Temperatures will drop to low single figures again with fog patches forming by dawn. Cloud will increase across parts of Dorset and Wiltshire though so it won't be as murky here.

Wednesday then looks like a dry day on the whole, with fog lifting by mid-morning. There could be a few showers across Wiltshire around late morning, and there generally won't be as much sunshine around.

Temperatures will reach 13 to 14 Celsius.

A few showers are likely on Thursday, followed by the change to a spell of wetter and winder weather on Friday which will last into Saturday.

Temperatures should be a touch higher by the weekend at least.