So-called 'parking vigilantes' have targeted cars in a village in an attempt to stop drivers parking on their streets.

Cars have been subject to vandalism in Cheswick Village, where parking has been a big issue for residents.

The parking protests began with incidents of flour being thrown on cars, or angry notes being left on windscreens.

However, in a more aggressive turn, motorists are now reporting nails being left scattered in front of their wheel.

One driver who had nails left around their car on Leader Street has reported the incident to police.

The local councils have proposed plans to tackle the issue of 'inconsiderate' parking Credit: Bristol Live

The small village, on the border of Bristol and South Gloucestershire, is used for parking by commuters and students as it is within walking distance of the MoD, UWE campus and Filton Abbey Wood train station.

Both councils have acknowledged the problem, describing it as “inconsiderate parking in unsuitable locations”.

Both authorities have proposed different solutions to try and tackle the issue.

South Gloucestershire Council launched a consultation earlier this year on plans to introduce double yellow lines on 11 streets within its boundary.

The village is within walking distance of the MoD, UWE and Filton Abbey Wood train station Credit: Bristol Live

Bristol’s scheme also includes plans to introduce double yellow lines on six streets within its boundary - some of which cross the border into South Gloucestershire.

But Bristol Council has also proposed introducing a residents parking scheme to curb the number of motorists using the village for commuter parking.

The permit parking areas would operate between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday and would affect Baily Place, Danby Street, Hatton Road, Hermitage Wood Road, Leader Street, Longwood Meadows, Lowry Grove and Stubbs Way.