Stunning drone footage from around the West Country

Here at the West Country we're blessed with plenty of picturesque views to film from around the region.

Our drone camera crews have been out and about around the region capturing some of the stunning sights from the skies.

  • Dunster Castle

From up above we've also captured the changing seasons. Take a look at this footage from Westonbirt Arboretum in Gloucestershire.

Forestry England says the area is particularly beautiful this year because of early rain and sunshine over the summer months.

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We've also been looking at the effect the rain has had on our towns and cities - including this stunning footage from above Tewkesbury, most of which is a natural flood plain.

At the launch of the Forest for Cornwall project, we got the drone up too! Here's footage from the planting of the first 105 saplings in the project. Read the full story here.

Know a spot that would look beautiful captured on our drone cameras?

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