'Stolen' Bath bike art installation was removed by council contractor

A street art installation that was thought to be stolen in Bath has been found - after it was discovered that a council contractor had taken it down.

The piece, made up from 69 bicycle wheels covered with red fabric, was installed on George Street in September to raise awareness of air pollution in the city.

Less than two weeks after it was completed, it vanished from the railings it was attached to overnight.

The artist who created it, along with the local community, issued a plea for the piece to be returned.

No one knows how the mix-up happened Credit: BPM Media
The piece was installed to raise awareness of air pollution in Bath Credit: BPM Media

Police began investigating the apparent 'theft' but could not initially identify any lines of enquiry.

However it has been discovered that the bike wheels were actually removed by a council contractor because of fears the artwork could be easily detached.

The piece had been secured to the fence using cable ties, but artist Alison Harper had permission from the council to put them up on display in the first place.

In a statement, Bath and North East Somerset Council said the artwork - which had been removed due to concerns about the fixings - will be reinstalled.