A man and woman had to be taken to hospital after they and their dog were washed off the breakwater at Mullion harbour.

Several people called 999 on Saturday afternoon after they saw the woman and the dog being hit by a large wave and then saw her partner go in after them.

The pair managed to get out with the help of two strangers by the time Mullion Coastguard rescue team and ambulance crews arrived.

One of the casualties had severely hurt their shoulder and the other had injured their leg. Both were treated in hospital.

The Coastguard has warned the pair were very lucky not to be more seriously hurt.

The couple were extremely lucky, it could have ended very differently for them. This weekend we’re experiencing high winds which is making wave patterns even more unpredictable than usual. This incident shows just how easily you can be caught out by large waves. I really would urge people to stay well away from breaking waves, there is no doubt that they make dramatic scenes but it just takes one unpredictable wave and you may not make it home to your loved ones. Please stay safe, stay back and stay dry but remember if you do see someone in trouble at sea or along the coast call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Phil Norman, Duty Controller for HM Coastguard
People are being warned to stay away from the coast during the stormy conditions. Credit: Maritime and Coastguard Agency