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Stormy seas sweep over car at high tide on Cornish seafront

Dramatic mobile phone footage shows the moment a car is almost swept away by stormy seas on a Cornish seafront.

The video, taken at Portmellon near Mevagissey, was taken by holidaymaker Luke Brunt at about 6.15pm last night [October 29].

The car can be seen driving head-first into huge waves at high tide. At times it is swept into the side of nearby buildings.

Remarkably, the driver made it to the other side unharmed.

Mr Brunt said he believes the driver intended to film themselves attempting the crossing.

The driver managed to regain control of the car after being swept away Credit: Cornwall Live

He stopped got his phone out ready and set off.

I think the phone got thrown in the panic of trying to stop the car being swept away.

The wave smashed the car into the wall.

He was a very lucky man. He was the only car to brave it so far.

– Luke Brunt

The Coastguard are warning people to be wary of extreme weather around our coastlines.

I really would urge people to stay well away from breaking waves, there is no doubt that they make dramatic scenes but it just takes one unpredictable wave and you may not make it home to your loved ones.

Please stay safe, stay back and stay dry but remember if you do see someone in trouble at sea or along the coast call 999 and ask for the coastguard.

– Phil Norman, duty controller, HM Coastguard