Parking to be banned on inner island of Bath Circus in bid to reduce air pollution

Parking spaces are going to be removed from one of Bath's most iconic Georgian streets to help reduce air pollution in the city.

The decision means people will no longer be able to park their cars on the inner island of Bath Circus.

Currently drivers are allowed to park there between 7pm and 8am Monday to Saturday, and all day on Sunday.

The double yellow lines are expected to be installed in December. Credit: ITV West Country

Bath and North East Somerset Council expects to install double yellow lines around the inner island in December.

It's part of an effort to address the Climate Emergency, which was declared by the council in March 2019.

The authority has also proposed to make the busy Kingsmead Square car-free during the day, from 11am until midnight.

It's proposed to begin in April 2020 for up to 18 months.