The newborn baby at Newquay Zoo who's glued to mum's back

An adorable baby who's just been born at Newquay Zoo won't be leaving their mum anytime soon.

The white-throated capuchin, who hasn't got a name yet, is expected to spend most of the next three months clinging onto mum Irazu.

Keepers at the zoo haven't yet been able to establish the sex of the baby, who has an older brother Benito, who was born back in 2017.

Clinging onto mum: The newborn with their eyes open Credit: Newquay Zoo

Capuchin babies normally mature slowly and are looked after by their mum for the first couple of years; carrying, protecting and feeding them.

Found in Central America, white-throated capuchins are classed as Least Concern by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

Because this species is known to be very intelligent, capuchinsare exploited by humans for entertainment and the pet trade.