Book returned to Bristol library 42 years late

A book has been returned to a Bristol library 42 years overdue.

The copy of children's book The Cherrys and the Double Arrow was taken out at Henleaze library in 1976.

It has been handed in anonymously with a note of apology and £10.

With the changing tariff of fines over the years it is unknown how much would technically be owed for the late return, but applying today's fees would mean a fine of more than £2300.

Luckily, there is a cap of £5.40 per book in fines.

Bristol Libraries also charges no overdue fines for any library member under the age of 17. As it is a children’s book, it may well be there is no fine outstanding anyway.

The book was a copy of The Cherrys and the Double Arrow. Credit: Bristol Libraries

The librarians at Henleaze are appealing for the anonymous borrower to get in touch - adding that there would be no fine.