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Bristol supermarket takes drastic measures to stop shoplifters

Empty coffee jars with 'display pack' labels have replaced the real product. Credit: Bristol Live

A supermarket in Bristol has resorted to displaying empty containers on their shelves in an unusual move to try and combat shoplifters.

An employee at the Redcliffe Co-op says thieves target the store several times each day, with repeat offenders even disguising themselves.

People nick these things because they can sell them on easily for a decent value.

They often go for meat as well, which is why we only put out one steak and two bacon packs at any one time.

– Employee
Laundry detergent is also one of the items that customers have to request. Credit: Bristol Live

Staff have been emptying containers of popular products like coffee and laundry detergent before putting them back on the shelves.

If a customer wants to buy one of these items, then staff must go and collect them from the stockroom.

The initiative started a month ago and the staff member believes some other Co-op branches in the city are also following their lead.

Along with other retailers, we have experienced an increase in retail crime.

Where appropriate, we consider a range of security measures to make us less of a target for shoplifters to protect our colleagues and our business.

– Southern Co-op spokesman
Southern Co-op says they have experienced an increase in retail crime. Credit: Bristol Live

An Avon and Somerset police spokesman said: "When there is an incident of a shop theft where an offender has been detained by a retailer we will always make every effort to attend if resources are available."