Plymouth's Derriford Hospital will no longer offer IVF treatment from next year

Plymouth's hospital trust has announced it will no longer offer IVF treatment from next year, ITV West Country has learned.

University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust said the decision has been taken for 'operational reasons', citing 'our ability to sustain the service and manage space'.

IVF treatment, male fertility tests and sperm preparation and the storage of embryos, sperm and eggs will no longer be offered by the trust, but the local Clinical Commissioning Group says it is trying to find a new provider.

ITV News has spoken to one patient, who wanted to stay anonymous, who says many families in the city will be 'devastated'.

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Patients currently undergoing an IVF treatment cycle at Derriford Hospital will not be affected, while eggs, sperm and embryos will continue to be stored until a new provider is found.

The trust will continue to provide outpatient services for people with recurring miscarriage and specialist endocrinology clinics.

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The hospital trust said it took the decision due to 'operational reasons'. Credit: ITV News

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