A student at Bath Spa University has died after contracting meningitis, according to Public Health England.

The final-year student, who was studying business and management, died suddenly after being admitted to hospital at the weekend.

Public Health England (PHE) said those people who had been in close contact with the student had been given antibiotics as a precaution. It confirmed the student had died from Group B meningococcal meningitis.

Bath Spa's vice-chancellor Professor Sue Rigby told students in an email she wasn't aware of any other cases.

She also confirmed the university was in touch with friends and family of the student "supporting them in any way we can at this difficult and tragic time".

We are very sad to hear about the death of the student and our thoughts are with their family, friends and the university community.

Dr Toyin Ejidokun, Consultant in Health Protection for Public Health England South West

Symptoms of meningitis include vomiting, a severe headache, an unexplained rise in body temperature, dislike of bright lights, neck stiffness, a non-blanching rash, drowsiness, and altered levels of consciousness.

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