A former employee of Pontins Brean Sands has described the holiday park as "disgusting" and told ITV News working there left him needing hospital treatment.

Scot Tandy worked at the resort as a chef and pot-washer for three months in 2017. He says he was left with a serious skin condition after cleaning products used in the kitchen burnt through his boots.

He told ITV West Country:

It makes me feel like I’m a lizard because my skin just falls off and I’m flaking all the time

Scot Tandy
Scot Tandy says the chemicals in the cleaning products burnt through his wellies. Credit: ITV West Country

It comes just months after an ITV West Country investigation uncovered filthy conditions inside some of the apartments - as well as the collapse of an air duct in February which injured eighteen people.

Scot now has to spend half an hour every morning treating his skin which involves covering his rashes with bandages and steroid cream so that he can work safely in his job.

He says the rashes only appeared once he was exposed to chemicals from the dishwasher which burnt through his wellies.

At one point he was left unable to walk.

The burns on Scot Tandy's feet after cleaning products burnt through his wellies. Credit: ITV West Country

They gave me wellies first and then it just split the wellies down the front. And then my feet started to get a bit sore and my toes started stinging so I had to go off away from the pot wash, take them off and I had burns on my toes, and it was horrible.

Scot Tandy, former employee at Pontins Brean Sands
Scot Tandy was a chef and potwasher at Pontins Brean Sands. Credit: ITV West Country

Scot got in touch with ITV News West Country following our investigation into conditions inside the holiday park where we found evidence of dirty and neglected apartments.

Following the investigation, Pontins told ITV West Country they will investigate the specific complaints made by families who have stayed here and are looking into the findings from our investigation.

The company did not responded to former employee Scot Tandy's claims, but do however say they take all customer complaints very seriously.

We can assure you that the health and Safety of our guests is of paramount importance. We always endeavour to engage with our guests.

Credit: ITV West Country

The average rating on Trip Advisor gives Pontins 2 stars out of 5, with many reviews giving them just 1 star.

We also spoke to someone who recently stayed at the resort and said his son fell ill because his apartment was so cold.

He told ITV: “There was a lot of damp and mould around the area and it was so cold and my little man nearly ended up in hospital from how bad it was.”

To watch our full investigation click here.

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Credit: ITV West Country